ApplicationsOften times we question if hiring a professional resume company is truly worth the investment. Saving every penny becomes necessary during the job search because the transition period is often when job seekers put the most stress on their income. So how can you afford the cost? Together, we will explore how hiring a professional writing company could increase your chances of gaining employment and decrease the time you spend on the job hunt.

Consider you’ve been searching for a while. You’ve got great experience but your skills just aren’t translating on paper. Perhaps it is because your writing skills are less than “stellar” or perhaps you are novice at resume revision. Either way, recruiters aren’t beating down your door to offer you interviews. The sheer idea of putting forth so much effort and yielding so little result is mind-blowing and often another stressor added to a mountain of doubt and worry. A job search can seem like a full-time job, so how could you even find time to sit down and critique your own writing skills.



Talk about added salt on the wound and further diminishing a bruised ego. Well, this is where a resume writer would come in! Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in yourself and hire someone to professionally revise your resume:
4. A resume writer knows what is actually beneficial to showing off your skill set and what could matter less to recruiters. Job seekers often tend to over explain their daily duties.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to try to cram 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE  into a one page word document. However, if your resume causes the recruiter’s printer to run out of ink, perhaps it’s time to trim just a bit off the top. Just keep in mind that over sharing can lead to your resume being overlooked.

3. Resume Writers speak the language of ATS. For those who don’t know ATS stands for applicant tracking system. It’s a robot who basically scans resumes for ideal candidates. businesswoman sadSo, ideally, everyone with the tangible skills would get through and get an interview right? WRONG!  This is because ATS scans for specific keywords. So, more times than not well qualified candidates are overlooked simply because of their verbiage. A professional resume writer however, knows this language like the back of their hands and will stuff your resume full of these key words in order to get your resume into the hands of a REAL HUMAN BEING.

2. Your resume SCREAMS 1997! Similar to bell bottoms, cassette tapes and Ford Pintos, resume trends are constantly evolving. (okay perhaps the Pinto was a bit of a stretch but you get the picture). Perhaps it’s your formatting, or it could be the outdated skills (i.e. Word Processing? millennials don’t even know what this phrase means). Just be mindful of dating yourself (and no I don’t mean taking yourself to the spa and the movies). I mean literally showing a recruiter that you’re no longer a spring chicken before they can even get past your professional summary. Your age should never be a factor in the hiring process but a sad truth is that often times it is. A professional writer however, has the ability to provide you with an up to date, modern document that exudes professionalism and added value for a company. Even if you do still have those velour jumpsuits in the back of your closet, they’ll never know.

1. Words just aren’t really, your thing. If high school English was a nightmare straight out of a Stephen King novel. If your idea of a synonym is covered in cinnamon and cream frosting. Also, if you interchangeably use they’re their and there, consider giving your fingers a break from those keys. Let a professional writer take your skills, thoughts and goals and bring them to life (on paper of course).Resume

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