You know that feeling, that the inevitable winter will cause you to freeze into a human sized popsicle and eventually meet your demise?
The days get shorter and the weather gets colder.
If it happens to you often, it may not just be a funk. Read More


Even the most productive person has those days. You know, when you just can’t stay focused and just get things done. So, Let’s focus on a few life hacks to get you through those winter blues! Read More

My Case of The Mondays

#MCM My Case of The Mondays Ahhh yes, the dreaded Monday! The end piece of the beautiful loaf of bread that is the week. We all have those days where we lie awake after the impending ringing of our alarms and question “Why couldn’t I just have won the lottery last night?” But, there are… Read More

How You Can Afford to Invest in YOU

Here at Fix My Resume Services, we know that investing in yourself can have the biggest return! Making yourself a priority can lead to becoming the best version of yourself. Not to mention the affect it can have on every aspect of your life. Your physical, financial, spiritual and professional wellness all depend on YOU!… Read More