“I am pleasantly surprised at how my updated resume looks. Thanks DarSha and L!Will be definitely sending more clients your way who are also interested in updating their resume. Thanks again!”
-Dale N. From NewJersey

Dear Customers Looking To Update or Create Your Resume,
I recently had the task of updating my resume for a work-related project. As I started to think about how and where I would start this project, I came to realization that the last time I had worked on my resume was 25 years ago. And in that time, I had worked in various positions, held various titles, and had accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. As you can imagine, feeling overwhelmed in tackling the task of updating my resume was a fair understatement.
As I searched the internet in looking for help with my project of updating my resume, I found well-known and reputable companies that offered excellent resume service, but also charged a high rate! And then, I discovered the company, Fix My Resume.
During my initial contact with company staff (Ms. Lynette & Ms. DarSha), I was treated with respect, had all my questions answered, and was greatly impressed with the values that Fix My Resume held in providing a service to me:

  1. Fix My Resume provides each customer with excellent one to one service: I spent at least one-hour on the phone (and shared my work history, personal and professional goals, etc.) with a designated company staff (and assigned to help me with me resume from start to finish), and completed a personal questionnaire (in addition to the phone conversation) in support of ‘capturing’ the professional that I was and am on paper.
  2. Fix My Resume works in collaboration with each customer through the entire process: Fix My Resume welcomed and encouraged my collaborative efforts during the process of updating my resume by utilizing 25 years of evaluations I had gathered, projects I had worked on, trainings I had attended and facilitated, and even a family picture (so they could place a face to the name of the person they were serving!).
  3. Fix My Resume provides a timely service to each customer: During the process, Fix My Resume provided open communication by responding to calls, emails, and other inquiries in a TIMELY manner—they even answered one of my calls after-hours.  Within 72-hours, I received a Word-document version & PDF-document version of my cover letter and resume, and had the opportunity to work with my designated staff to make any necessary adjustments (and I didn’t have to because of personal service provided to me from the beginning!)

I must say that my experience with Fix My Resume was simply wonderful! Not only did Fix My Resume capture my professional work history in a concise and eloquently written manner, but their ability to capture and speak to the person I am in my cover letter was priceless! And speaking of price, their rate was very affordable in comparison to other companies!

Best Of Luck To You,
M. Santos

It was the right decision to contact Fix My Resume Services for help, 
because of your professionalism and understanding, in particular. 
DarSha, conducted herself admirably throughout the process. 
This is exactly what I was looking for.   
Once again, I'm very grateful for your superb service!  
-Clifton Williams from New York

Looks Great thank you I appreciate how fast you did it!
-Elissa From New York
"Top notch resume service. 
I highly recommend, Fix My Resume."
-Patricia B. from Crown Point, IN 

“I used to have a hard time thinking of the right way to say 
that I had been a cashier at the local payday loan store, 
and before that I was a cashier at Kroger’s. 
Fix My Resume helped me find the right way to express myself 
and sent me 25 copies of my resume on professional paper” 
-Rhonda from Pine Bluff, AK

 “I worked for over 8 years as a HR Manager. 
When I was laid off from my job, I expected to be off 
only a couple of months. After searching for over a year, 
I decided to try FixMyResume and found a job in 3 months. 
I’m glad they helped me think outside the box.” 
-Stacey from Chicago, IL

“I’m in the production industry and it’s always been hard 
to find the right way to display my qualifications. 
Thanks for fixing my resume.” 
-Maria R. from New York, NY

"Looks great. This is just what I needed."
-Walter from Virginia

"I never knew that attending a workshop could be so fun. 
First I ordered just 30 copies of my resume 
and then I received training. 
I'm really happy that I chose Fix my Resume"
-Sonja N. from Milwaukee, WI
The employees provide a product that will allow you to get your dream job. 
They are efficient and affordable.
-Wynecta F from Merrillville, IN