Wellness can be applied to plenty of areas of your life. Physical, mental and even financial!

Today we will focus on financial wellness because it essentially has a trickle-down effect on the other areas of your life.

Today is never too late to start a savings plan. Set an attainable goal and stick to it!

Below are 7 tips to finally stop living from paycheck to paycheck.

You too can create that well needed safety net!

  1. Add up all of your expenses. Try using a debit card for 30 days to track your expenses.
  2. Identify where Your Money Goes. This is the time to confront your “bad” money habits.
  3. Determine if you make enough money. If the answer is no, cut back or begin to job hunt. (Fix My Resume Services is Always here to help!)

4. Save just 15% of your income or practice the “Rule of 3”                                                         (1/3 to saving, 1/3 to bills, 1/3 to you).

  1. Clean Up that debt! Add it up and begin to slowly pay it down! Be mindful of your budget!
  2. Create a monthly Budget. Be sure that it is attainable with your current spending habits.
  3. Create two types of savings accounts. One as a short term Buffer and the other more longterm.

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