Notes from July Training


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August 2017 Classes

Career Boot Camp: 3 Days to Getting the Job

During this dynamic 3 day training, participants will be coached on industry standards to succeed in today’s job market.

What’s Included?
-Job seekers receive a FREE Cover Letter and Resume (upon completion of the class)
-A guaranteed interview at a major company (once class has been completed successfully)
-Quality information for gaining a new job
-Continuous access to Human Resources professionals in various industries

Who Is This Class For?
This class is for the individual that is unemployed or underemployed, confused about why there are little to no calls coming in about job opportunities. If you have applied everywhere and not sure what could be the problem… If you are looking for some answers and guidance, then this class is for you. Receive direction from Human Resources professionals, Executive Recruiters and those that excel in the hiring game.

Make the connection that you’ve been waiting for.

How Do You Register?
Go online: and click Order Here
Call: (866) 992-9675

More about the class:
These short yet powerful classes are packed with important information that you will need to secure the job. In a group setting, you will be trained on proper interview techniques, useful job search guidelines, and receive innovative career resources developed by industry leaders. These local training classes not only prepare you, but also allow you to interact with others in your field to build long lasting connections and networks.

Cost: $60

Enroll in Boot Camp today! Get the Career You deserve! (866) 992-9675

Day 1: Marketing Yourself with Confidence
Day 2: Interviewing and Strategy
Day 3: Getting the Job

Register before August 15th to secure your spot. Don’t delay. Call Now (866) 992-9675

8884 Louisiana St.
Conference Room
Merrillville, IN 46410

Topics currently available:

  • Career Boot Camp: 3 Days to Getting the Job
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Interviewing 101
  • Resume Writing 101
  • Professional Employment Services
  • Online Applications and Challenges
  • The Truth about “Apply Now”

Workshops are fun and a great way for our customers to interact while networking. They also provide an opportunity for job seekers to ask questions, role play, and find out what may be hindering them from landing their dream career.

If you would like to schedule a workshop or seminar in your community, please email to request a date.