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Your feet touch the floor and your body shudders with discontent.
The windows are frosted over and so is the grass. The trees have turned, and the leaves have fallen to the ground to create a crunchy blanket on your front lawn.
Yes, it is here. The season of discontent: an impending looming and inevitably cold winter.
Getting out of bed in the morning is already difficult enough, but add in the displeasure of your house being fifteen degrees colder than it was when you went to bed and we have an all-around Bout with your enthusiasm to even walk out of your front door.
It’s hard to remain motivated. Sometimes your brain just feels like…Blah.

So, as the weather grows colder, how can you manage to remain productive? Even the most productive person has those days. You know, when you just can’t stay focused and just get things done. So, Let’s focus on a few life hacks to get you through those winter blues!

1. Set Goals! Believe it or not, having a physical goal list is a way to keep the inspiration at an all-time high. The Goals don’t have to be long term. As a matter of a fact, creating a weekly list of short term goals and checking the goals off as you achieve them can be quite gratifying! Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

2.Dig Deep, Find the “Why”! The “why” is the reason behind the work that you are trying to accomplish. Often, if you see the vision or the bigger picture behind your efforts, they don’t seem so fruitless. And find time to congratulate and reward yourself! Sometimes all it takes is a little reward to shift Focus to your strong points and see yourself as an unstoppable force!

3. Allow yourself to be inspired! Often, inspiration can strike at any moment. But sometimes you must create those moments in which you can find the time to actually allow yourself to be inspired. Read a book, find time to have some positive self-talk, take a walk. Make time to clear your mind and reevaluate your perspective. Push yourself to step outside of your comfort zones and challenge your professional way of thinking.

Motivation and Inspiration don’t just come to you.
They have to be manifested and maintained…Even cultivated!
Find irony in the fact that you have to put forth effort to remain motivated.
But be inspired that you’re not the only one =)
Happy Friday!

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